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Katie Hopkins is heading to Prestwich to Karens

Credit - X @KTHopkins

A video has been shared online from Karen’s Diner promoting that Katie Hopkins will be visiting for an “evening of madness” in March.

Katie Hopkins is doing a Spring Tour over the country called “Silly Cow” with the description on the tickets as:

"It’s a real sh*tshow in the UK right now. We’re freezing our tiny t*ts off and told the world is boiling; we can’t afford Christmas but have to go to Turkey if we want our teeth fixed; and, our criminal politicians walk free but there are security tags on cheese at ASDA.”

Katie Hopkins is known for her controversial views on a number of matters, such as being banned on Twitter permanently before Elon Musk re-instated her back in 2023.

This isn’t for the faint-hearted or easily offended, which rules out most of Prestwich as locals have called it appalling, and one local in the Prestwich facebook group has written:

"This is NOT an advertisement but Karen's Diner in Prestwich is sinking lower and lower and has Katie Hopkins doing a show March 20 what the hell?!"

Tickets cost £37.50 plus a booking fee, including a burger up to the price of £15 a table for 'Katie's B* Bonkers Britain show' and obviously if Katie isn’t enough then you get the obligatory Karen's entertainment too.

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