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YouTuber BeardMeatsFood tackles latest food challenge in Whitefield

Credit: BeardMeetsFood/YouTube

Whitefield restaurant The Northern Crafthouse challenged BeardMeatsFood to take on a never-completed-before platter for his YouTube channel.

Adam Moran is a competitive eater with more than 4 million subscribers on YouTube and this week shared his attempt at the ‘Share or Dare’ platter online.

The challenge means you can either share a large platter between a group of people or dare to finish the whole thing on your own in less than 45 minutes.

If you complete the challenge the £40 meal is free - and that’s exactly what Adam set out to do.

The Northern Crafthouse is located on Bury New Road and described itself as an ‘all day American eatery’.

Their large platter consists of - chicken burritos, pulled pork tacos, mini sliders, tater tots, bacon fries, chilli cheese nachos, halloumi fries, hot wings and four sauces - which need to be eaten too for the challenge to count.

Adam set to work amongst a small crowd of interested onlookers and regulars and managed to complete the challenge in 27 minutes including drinking any sauce that was left.

He described the challenge as: “A little trickier than it looks on the surface but the variety helps. Always a lot more fun to eat lots of different things.”

As is traditional in a BeardMeatsFood video, Adam then asks the staff for a dessert menu and treated himself to both cookie dough and churros before leaving the restaurant finally full.

The YouTube video has already reached more than 2.5 million views and more than 4,000 comments with one comment ready “7pm.. stroking my beard watching a bigger beard eat Mexican food in Bury. What a time to be alive.”

The BeardMeatsFood channel posts content every week with Adam having previously taken on eating challenges in Manchester, Salford and Oldham.

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