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Roch Valley Radio is community radio for Rochdale, Bury, Bolton and Oldham.

We're Backing Business by promoting your vacancies to our listeners.

Get yourself on air with a free recruitment message.

It's really simple:

  1. Download the Roch Valley Radio Radio App on your phone
  2. Record a short message about the vacancy (max 30 seconds)
  3. Listen to Roch Valley Radio to hear your message on air!

How to record:

  1. Open the Roch Valley Radio
  2. Click the 'Message' icon in the top right of the app
  3. Choose 'Record a Message'
  4. Add your name and contact phone number
  5. Hit the big red mic record button and record your message (max 30 seconds)
  6. Click the red stop button when you've finished
  7. If you make a mistake, click the bin icon, and record again
  8. Once you've recorded your message, hit the 'Send' button in the top right corner

Here's some tips to make it sound great:

  • Record somewhere quiet and not echoey (your car, when parked, is ideal)
  • Be energetic and enthusiastic - project your voice
  • Make sure you've thought about what to say before recording
  • Don't write a script - otherwise you'll sound like you're reading
  • Bear in mind that Roch Valley Radio is listened to by 18-40 year olds, so ensure your message is relevant to our audience age group

Suggested framework for your message:

  • Start by introducing the company (maybe include your name too)
  • Briefly outline the role and who you're looking for
  • Explain how someone applies

Remember, you only have 30 seconds maximum!

Here's an example:

Hi it's Pete from No Fuss IT in Rochdale. We're recruiting a Sales Executive and are looking for someone with great experience in sales. This role is ideal if you're currently working in a business development or sales team and looking to take the next step in your career. We're a fun team to work with and offer flexible hours. Find out more about the role and apply at our website:

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