Up the Shakers #WeAreBury popup exhibition of Bury FC memorabilia

Many Bury supporters have spent time this weekend at Arch 7 in Manchester City centre just a stone’s throw away from Piccadilly train station.

They’ve been visiting a pop-up exhibition of Bury FC memorabilia from the last 134 years donated by fellow fans, especially for this weekend. Items in the exhibition included newspaper cuttings of the match reports from the clubs FA Cup-winning days in 1900 & 1903 and if you looked carefully behind one of the exhibits the FA Cup replica was there.

One of the items in the exhibition was a copy of the record ‘Up the Shakers’ by the Bury Tones, the record was released in the early 1970s, the Bury tones consisted of players of the time like Derek Spence & Keith Kennedy and it also included children and parents from the Bury area

Bernadette McCann, whose sons were on the recording told us that “they advertised for school children to go and be on the choir and obviously being Bury supporters from being born my two elder sons volunteered”

Up The Shakers was recorded at Strawberry Studios in Stockport and Bernadette told us that her sons were “over the moon to go down to Strawberry Studios to record” artists including 10cc, the Stone Roses & Joy Division recorded in those very studios.

Bury fan & curator of this exhibition Zoe Hitchen said that she wanted to do this exhibition in Manchester “as it’s on the doorstep of some of the richest clubs in the world.” and to make a point that “we don’t want to forget about Bury”

Zoe then went onto to tell us about her favourite parts of the exhibition, “first is the Golden Gamble box, I’ve loaned that from Bury Football Club and that’s one of the few things that the bailiffs haven’t taken because they don’t think it’s worth anything and I feel like it represents what this exhibition is about”
One of her other favourites was the photo of Ian & Katrina Astley who attended Gigg Lane on their wedding day, they were married in the morning and they were at Bury’s 4-0 win against Doncaster in the afternoon. Zoe said that this shows “everything about family and what this means to people, that on your wedding day that the only place you want to go is Gigg Lane and that’s just fantastic”

Finally, Zoe told us about why she hid the FA Cup in amongst the exhibition, “It’s one of the few pieces of silverware that’s been left behind at Gigg Lane, I found it in a box and it’s broken but it’s an FA Cup trophy and I like the fact that it’s hidden away and people have asked “Is that real?”, I also like the fact that’s an afterthought because this isn’t about winning silverware this about stories, families and real people and that’s what footballs about”

Bury legend, now Plymouth Argyle manager Ryan Lowe made a special guest appearance on Sunday spending time speaking to fans and leaving one simple message with them “Keep the faith and keep fighting”

‘Up The Shakers’ record

Photos relating to the song 

Photos relating to the song 

FA Cup from 1900’s

Ryan Lowe arriving 

Ryan Lowe speaking to fans 

Ryan Lowe leaving his message to the fans 

Ryan Lowe’s message to the fans 

Exhibition curator, Zoe Hitchen showing Ryan Lowe the exhibits 

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