New Amazon Alexa Skill

Roch Valley Radio has now launched a brand new Amazon Alexa Skill which enables listeners to choose between Roch Valley Radio and Roch Valley Radio Xtra, a new radio channel to increase and give a wider choice of music.

The skill is free to add to your Amazon Alexa device.

David Murphy, the Chairman, said: “We are always looking at feedback from our listeners and volunteers on how we can provide an improved service to our patients and the local community.

Part of our service is ensuring that we are accessible to all, whether it’s through our FREE mobile phone and tablet app, via our website or now this new Amazon Alexa Skill.

We think this new Alexa Skill is a great addition on how listeners can reach us; some volunteers have already shown older relatives how to ask Alexa to play the radio station, reaching out at a generation and community that can benefit from our volunteers the most.”

If you would like any information about the Amazon Alexa Skill or would like to get involved in some way, then please contact us via email at

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