Bury fans meet to try and find way forward – Thursday 19th Dec 2019

There was still clear fractions in the Bury FC fan base as they met at the Elizabethan Suite to try and work out the next steps.

The evening started with Forever Bury chairman Dave Giffard introducing the panel, on the top table was Chris Murray who was representing the Phoenix club, potential investor Robert Benwell and former club director Ian Pickup.

Robert Benwell then made a statement to the fans as he outlined the plan for his investment, he started by addressing the rumours that have been made in the last few days, the first rumour he ruled out was trying to move another club to Gigg Lane and he also said that he’s never met Stewart Day, Steve Dale or Glenn Thomas.

He then went onto say that he’s agreed on a deal in principle with Capital Bridge finance but this was later questioned by former Forever Bury board member Dean Hamer who said he’s spoken with Capital Bridge before the meeting and they’ve told him that a proposal hasn’t been put in front of the trustees.

Chris Murray then made a statement on where the phoenix club was at. He addressed the fact that they’ve put an application into the FA and they announced the name of the club yesterday Bury AFC.

The floor was then opened to the fans and this is where the fractions where shown, many fans were of different opinions of how to take the situation forward and no real conclusions were drawn

The night ended with Dave Giffard asking for a show of hands-on first supporting a consortium bid to buy Bury Football Club, secondly supporting Robert Benwell in a phoenix club after liquidation and as a third option support the phoenix club.

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