BREAKING: We have reached the peak, but “not out of the woods yet” says government

‘We are at the peak’ of COVID-19 outbreak, Health Secretary, Matt Hancock tells MPs in the House of Commons today.

The Department of Health and Social Care announced that 18,100 people had died in UK hospitals with coronavirus – a rise of 759 deaths reported in the last 24 hours.

Deaths in England and Wales have nearly doubled above what would be expected, hitting a 20-year high.

However, there has been a steady decrease in hospitals deaths in the last few days suggesting that we have reached the peak. The government states that we will not see a sudden decrease in deaths despite improvements across the country, particularly London.

For context, the UK hit a peak of 980 deaths in hospitals on 10 April. The latest increase, reported hours ago, was 759 deaths.

Foreign Secretary, Dominic Raab, however, stated that we are “not out of the woods yet”.

He emphasised the importance of adhering to social distancing measures, otherwise risking “a second spike” resulting in “a second lockdown which will prolong economic pain”.

Matt Hancock explained how contact-tracing would now play a key role as the UK overcomes the peak of the coronavirus outbreak, with a new NHS app “in development”.

“As we reach – have reached the peak – and as we bring the number of new cases down, so we will introduce contact tracing at large scale,” he said.

Dominic Raab promises to reach 100 thousands tests a day within 8 days. Currently, only about 20,000 tests are being carried out each day.

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