UPDATE: Armed Police attended school in Bury after “false call” made

Armed Police attended Woodhey High School earlier this afternoon after a “false call” was made, says Headteacher Brian Roadnight.

The school had an issue with its mains power earlier today and a lockdown procedure was implemented to ensure safety.

They’ll update parents and pupils by 7 am tomorrow morning about whether the school will reopen as normal on Tuesday.

Electricity North West are currently on site dealing with the issue.

In an email to parents, Mr Roadnight said: “This afternoon we have experienced issues with our mains power supply. Electricity North West are currently working on the problem which is out of our control. A decision will be made before 7am tomorrow morning about whether the school will reopen. Please refer to the school website for information regarding this.”

He added “In order to ensure pupil safety we carried out a lockdown procedure to prevent movement around school. Communication with staff took longer than normal as our electronic communication systems were unavailable. However, all pupils and staff were informed of the power cut and pupils were then escorted off the school site in their year groups, some slightly earlier than usual.”

Rodnight concluded, “It should be noted that the police attended because somebody made a false or malicious call, which is currently being investigated.”

Many police vehicles were spotted in the school’s car park at around 3 pm this afternoon.

Police vehicles were also been spotted at the nearby Hare & Hounds Pub.

Greater Manchester Police said: “Shortly after 2.30pm on Monday 5 October 2020 police attended following a report that there was someone with a gun in a school on Bolton Road West, Ramsbottom.

Following enquiries, it was established that there was no gun and no threat to the school or wider area.

Officers are treating the report as a hoax report.”

(Photo Credit: Bethany Breen)

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