Rochdale still cause for concern after temporary instalment of lockdown measures

Last Friday saw the temporary instalment of cautionary measures in Rochdale to prevent a localised lockdown. 

No more than two extra people are allowed in one household, face coverings are to be worn in shops and people have to adhere to the two metre rule, not the one metre plus rule.

The biggest stat in recording data lies in the 7 day rate positive tests per 100,000 of the population. Andy Burnham is following this data the closest and the latest numbers show the fluctuation of data. 

Rochdale’s current rate is 46.3, the highest rate after Rochdale is that of Oldham, which is 14.8. The eye-watering figure is still down to the fact Rochdale’s rate of testing is higher than any of the other Greater Manchester regions, yet the Mayor and his staff are following this figure as are Public Health England. 

By comparison, Bury’s rate is 9.4, a fairly low rate although with last weeks total was as low as 3.7, these stats showing just how ever changing this current data can be. 

The death rate has grown in both regions, 4 deaths in Rochdale and 3 in Bury. Our thoughts are with the family and friends of those affected by the virus. 

Cases have grown in the past week sadly. As of 21st July, 1,763 cases were recorded in the borough. 1,304 cases have been recorded throughout the pandemic now in Bury. 

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