Roch Valley Radio Volunteer Annette Martens was strangled by former son-in-law, McDara Bardon, in a rage-fueled by nothing but selfishness. 

Roch Valley Radio Volunteer Annette Martens was strangled by former son-in-law, McDara Bardon, in a rage-fueled by nothing but selfishness. 

Annette, 73, sadly lost her life 2 weeks later, although, prosecutors say this was unrelated to this vicious attack.

Minshull Street Crown Court was told that the victim ended up passing out as a result of the attack at her home in Ramsbottom.

The 48 year old of Canon Hussey Court, Salford, pleaded guilty to assaulting Miss Martens on June 4 last year.

He was sentenced to a 12-month community order, which includes 25 rehabilitation activity days with the probation service and a 12-month drug treatment and testing order. No further punishments were issued.

At sentencing, Judge Maurice Greene stated: “You say that you loved her but this was not the way you deal with someone you love.”

They first met in the 1990s at a local church, he married her daughter but they soon separated said prosecutor Eleanor Gleeson.

Gleeson said: “Miss Martens continued to be a maternal influence. The victim tried to help him emotionally and financially.”

Despite Bardon being “controlling and aggressive” she continued to look after him, the court heard.

Bardon arrived at Annette’s home on June 4 last year in a temper, accusing the victim of calling him a rapist.

She could see that he was “frothing at the mouth” and he placed his hands around her throat and squeezed until she passed out.

Eventually regaining consciousness, she screamed for help, in an attempt to alert her neighbours. Bardon had stepped away but returned and threw her onto a bed, where he began throttling her again.

The court heard how Annette turned up for a shift on the radio at Fairfield General Hospital and colleagues noticed she was bruised.

She was persuaded to contact the police and Bardon was eventually arrested.

She told police that she had already suffered two heart attacks and this situation was causing her further stress. She insisted that he needed professional help for his problems.

Bardon did have previous convictions, the court heard, including one past offence of assault. But had not been in trouble since 2010.

Annette was a much loved Roch Valley Radio volunteer who brought such a special glow every time she was on shift.

We first met her when she graced our studios to read her beautiful poetry on our Saturday afternoon show, Annette enjoyed herself so much so she came on-board as a volunteer.

We often hear the saying ‘to light up the room’, well this can safely be said that this is exactly what Annette brought with her and is sorely missed.

Annette presented her show every Tuesday evening between 10 and Midnight.

Speaking in a promotional video for volunteers week, said that she enjoyed her role as patients get relief from depression through listening to music, describing it as cutting some of the pain.

Annette Martens 1946-2019

Watch the full video here:

Have a listen to one of Annette’s shows here:

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