RammyMen respond to the community’s SOS

As many communities rally together to help the vulnerable in these difficult times, Charley Rattan reports on how the people of Rammy are being helped by community group RammyMen

Yesterday, I met with Rob Moss.

Rob was one of the founders of a group here in Ramsbottom called RammyMen. I was there alongside Adam Clark and Aaron Benson a few weeks ago as Rammy men held a suicide awareness session in the Civic Hall.

We broadcasted a number of key interviews for Roch Valley Radio that day, and I hope it proved useful for the community. Today, things have changed. Rob has enabled RammyMen to become a central pillar of the new organisation ‘SOS’, which is geared towards helping the community, deal with the COVID-19 outbreak currently affecting so much of the world.

Rob was able to tell us a little bit about running RammyMen, and a little a bit about Rammy SOS with what they intend to do, how it was there for everyone and how it, along with RammyMen welcomes females.

Rob gave important contact details for the organisation, how people can join how they can use the internet to find Rammy SOS,

From Wednesday they can use a telephone number 03303 55468; Rob also talked about the website which should be the first port of call for those looking to get involved rammysos.org/

Just to highlight the extent of the local community involvement, to help those in distress or those unable to get to the shops and to receive their medicines in the coming weeks.

There are community members who are organising, liaising and harmonising with the authorities and ensuring that the community once again pulls together to ensure that everybody is able to come through this difficult time in as good a place as possible

Roch Valley Radio will keep you informed as we go forward.  We thank Rob for helping get the message out and for all these efforts in setting up both Rammy Men and Rammy SOS.  Ramsbottom finds itself once more ahead of the national curve.

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