INTERVIEW: The real life hero saving animals across Bury

Kitty Rescue Bury are a not for profit organisation based in Bury saving injured, stray and feral cats. They help re-home the cats and have a team of volunteers ready to foster these cats.

This week, Dean caught up with Chantelle Farrow of Kitty Rescue Bury.

She told Dean all about what they get up to and how they rely on public support.


They don’t stop at cats though, they also help rescue animals of any kind.

You can hear the full interview here:


Meet Blinky, he is a 6 week old kitten and was a victim of neglect. He was left with a bad eye and had to have it removed.
This is John, he is very old and was rescued from being a stray. Sadly John has liver disease and other underlying health conditions
Ali was abandoned in Cyprus and Kitty Rescue flew her to the UK and is currently awaiting a new home
Meet Roger (left) and William (right). Roger was rejected by his mum and has been hand reared. William only has three legs and was rescued when he was just one day old. He had his leg amputated at just 8 weeks

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