Here is how YOU can help with the Covid-19 Pandemic

The Bury Mutual Aid Group is a community response organisation preparing volunteers and co-ordinating community groups specifically in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Our organisation follows the national mutual aid model, which is based on highly localized and grassroots organisation, alongside centralised capacity for guidance and policy development, as well as enabling the sharing of outcomes and reviews, and implementing best practice.

The Bury Mutual Aid Group has been formed very recently by volunteers to support and guide the enormous groundswell of community action which has been seen over the last few weeks, in response to the current emerging crisis.

We are completely volunteer-run, and do not receive any funding for our work, nor are we seeking it. We are committed solely to tackling the COVID-19 crisis, and providing a safe, community-led, and efficient response, and do not intend for our organisation as it is to persist beyond the current crisis.

We are here to encourage and support close working with all groups and organisations, including charities and public services, at all levels, to make sure our response is effective at keeping people safe and protected and comprehensively covers all who may need help.

We are a people-powered movement, for the residents of Bury, by the residents of Bury, and are intrinsically linked to our local neighbourhoods and communities.

Our model is deeply co-operative and collaborative and is designed to promote close-knit partnership working with local organisations and groups at all levels.

Our Central team is in place to provide a source of support and guidance for our neighbourhood groups, co-ordinate all offers of support and collaboration, and direct an evidence-based approach to efficiently and comprehensively supporting all our residents at a time of unprecedented need.

The current crisis is one which none of us are prepared for, and only by working together with a common purpose to fight the crisis and keep our communities safe, can we overcome this challenge. We invite all communities, groups, and individual stakeholders to speak with us, ask questions, and develop how we can work together to make a Safer, Kinder, more Supported Bury for all our residents.

These are extremely trying times, and it is incumbent on all of us to adapt and overcome together, utilising the best new methods and new information to keep ourselves and our communities safe, to save lives, and to support people through the crisis.

You can contact Bury Mutual Aid via;

Email: info@BuryMAG.org

Phone: 07594747509

Facebook: facebook.com/groups/BuryMutualAidGroup

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