Grant scheme launched to help Bury businesses during pandemic

Businesses that work in shared premises will be the target of a new grant scheme with the aim to boost local economies that have taken a hit due to COVID-19.

A £2 million pound funding pot is being made available for organisations that were unable to pay for government support before hand.

Most payments for the new scheme will be made under £10,000. Businesses can check eligibility and access the online application form at burymeansbusiness.bury.gov.uk. They can also e-mail investin@bury.gov.uk for further advice.

Eamonn O’Brien, leader of Bury Council said of the new scheme:

“This new funding will be extremely welcome for businesses that fell through the gaps of criteria for the last funding pot, which offered much-needed support at a really tough time”.

“Our business rates team have been working really hard to get the money from the original scheme out into bank accounts, dealing with a flurry of original applications and then pro-actively calling eligible businesses to let them know they can apply”.

“Although this new pot is much smaller and for a very specific group of organisations, it’s still extremely valuable. We know there were many small businesses and charities in our borough that missed out on the previous scheme because they paid little or no business rates”.

“They include important parts of our local economy, like start-up businesses who work in shared spaces and the outdoor traders who bring visits to Bury Market from all over the country. We’ll be making sure this cash gets into the hands of the people who need it.”

It is expected that once the initial round of payments are made, the scheme will be extended to include businesses that service the hospitality, retail and leisure sectors. These types of business selling materials and merchandise have been identified as vital for the growth of the local economy in the coming weeks.

The Greater Manchester Combined Authorities have made a firm pledge for businesses to be well supported and financed during the pandemic in the hope as little as zero will go under via the business rate scheme. Bury Council has already distributed £32 million to support small and medium sized businesses under the original Small Business Grant Fund. Over 2,000 businesses in the borough have already received grants of £10,000 and £25,000.





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