Frank the Iguana came back to life after being found ‘dead’ by his owner

It’s been a busy and quite dramatic week for Frank the Iguana, he was believed to be dead after his owner found him ‘completely lifeless’ last week.

Frank is a 10-year-old, large green Iguana who’s been in the care of Larissa Palmieri for the last three years after being rescued from the previous owner by her friend.

He suffered abuse in the past, the previous owner “‘cut his toes off and snapped his tail”.

Larissa told us because of this “he’s not able to climb, he’s not able to live in the treetops on branches as he normally would.”

But last Wednesday, Frank took a turn for the worst, when Larissa went to turn on Frank’s daylights, she noticed something wasn’t right.

She said explained to Roch Valley Radio “I went in to feed him and to change his lights over and he was just slumped over on one of his logs in the corner, which isn’t like him as he usually sleeps as high up as he can.”

As Larissa went to pick him up, he was “completely lifeless, really floppy, really cold and there was just nothing from him.”

She added that she couldn’t see him breathing and couldn’t feel a heartbeat.

The well-experienced pet owner wrapped Frank in a blanket and took him to a radiator to try and warm him as fast as possible.

Larissa was holding Frank for hours trying to bring him round.

Distraught by the situation, Larissa called her mum Gill who made arrangements for Frank to be cremated at Legacy Pets Crematorium in Bury.

Gill made the call to Legacy Pets around 12.30 pm on Wednesday. Frank was then placed into a box and was collected by Legacy Pets at around 2.00 pm and he arrived back at the Legacy Pets around 2.30 pm and after around 15 minutes of Frank being in the care of the team, they noticed movement.

Still cautious of the situation, Legacy Pets called Gill back to make them aware of the latest developments.

When Larissa was told about the latest developments in Frank’s condition, she said a “mixture of all sorts” of emotions were going through her head as she was trying to keep herself as calm as possible.

She added: “I didn’t want to get my hopes up, just in case something was going to end up happening to him after we’d seen him”.

Larissa and her mum Gill rushed to Legacy Pets to see Frank. As soon as she saw Frank, she told us how she couldn’t stop crying and how amazing it was to see him and he was just Frank again.

Jodie Reeve from Legacy Pets said: “We treat every pet the same way and that’s why we were able to pick up on that there was something different with Frank.”

She added: “This is a story we are probably not going to see again.”

When asked how Frank is doing now after his ordeal she said: “Completely fine.  It’s like nothing has happened, the vets were saying they were shocked about how healthy he actually is to say something quite dramatic has happened to him. He’s running around like nobody’s business now”.

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