Elms Bank School raises community spirits with their virtual choir!

Staff and students from Elms Bank have lifted spirits in the community by getting together online for a virtual sing-a-long. Inspired by Gareth Malone’s virtual choir which takes place each evening Elms Bank’s choir leader Catherine Dent collaborated with Amy Johnston from their College team to bring the staff and students together in a rendition of True Colours.

The heartwarming video, which has been shared over 100 times on Facebook, took around 10 days to organise from Ms Johnston first recording the piano accompaniment to the editing together of all the clips that were sent in.

Elms Bank said in a statement about the project “Many of Elm Banks students and staff have underlying health conditions and we supported them in their decision to self isolate. What we didn’t want to lose was our sense of community at this time.” Singing is a natural remedy that is a big aspect of the schools day to day life so it was important to keep singing during these worrying times.

This isn’t the only activity Elms Bank has done to keep the community spirit alive, they previously did a #keepsinging challenge to “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” and have posted lots of engaging activities and the form tutors and pastoral support staff have been checking in on students and their families.

Head teacher Orienne Langley-Sadler said “I am truly in awe of my staff, students and parents resilience. Resilience is one of our schools values, and the hard work of all the community at this time is truly amazing.”

Make sure to check out the video below, it is sure to brighten your day and share the positivity with your friends!

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