Bury turns PURPLE for George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

Bury Town Hall and Bury Art museum were bathed in purple light over the weekend in solidarity with George Floyd and Black Lives Matter.

Over the weekend, buildings across the country were lit up in tribute to George Floyd, an unarmed man, who died after a white police officer knelt on his neck for nine minutes despite Mr Floyd’s cry’s for help.

Civic buildings across all 10 boroughs were lit up purple.

In a statement last week, which was signed by the leaders of all 10 councils, it was decided that Civic buildings across all 10 boroughs were to be lit up purple.

They said “To show our sympathy with George’s family, and our support for Black Lives Matter, we have today agreed to coordinate the lighting of civic buildings across our 10 boroughs on Friday evening, following on from the example of Trafford Council, and Salford and Manchester City Councils.”


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