LATEST: Fire at Scrapyard in Rochdale

Firefighters continue to tackle the blaze affecting an industrial yard on Corporation Road in Rochdale.

There are now 10 fire engines in attendance alongside a high-volume pump and a hydraulic platform.

The fire started around 7pm, It’s still not known how the fire started.

It’s been confirmed by the fire service that there are no reports of anyone being trapped or of anyone being injured.

The ambulance is at the scene as a precaution, which is normal for incidents of this kind

Local residents have posted various photos and videos on social media from near to the scene.

The fire can also be seen for miles around

Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service are still on scene.

Shortly after 9 pm, Greater Manchester Fire & Rescue Service released an update from¬†Station Manager Craig Pinder, at the scene, he said:¬†“Firefighters are working incredibly hard to tackle this blaze. The fire itself is affecting quite a large area and also involves a single storey multi-use building, and we have split the scene into three sectors to enable us to fight it as quickly and efficiently as possible.

“Crews are using hoses at ground level but also angling jets of water from above using a platform – that enables us to reach further inside the fire, and should help us with our firefighting.

“I want to praise the hard work of our firefighters who were quickly on the scene, and we are co-ordinating our response with support from emergency services colleagues from North West Ambulance Service and Greater Manchester Police.

“We anticipate being at this incident into the night and I would ask local people to continue to keep their windows and doors closed to prevent any of the smoke – which is acrid and black – from entering any properties.”

Road closures and diversions are in place in the immediate vicinity of the incident with traffic likely to be affected along Corporation Road and Norman Road.”

An initial update from the service at around 8.15pm said “Roughly 35 firefighters are tackling a blaze on Corporation Road in Rochdale.

Crews were called at 7.15 pm on Saturday 23 May to reports of a fire at a scrapyard and firefighters from six Greater Manchester fire stations – Broughton, Bury, Heywood, Littleborough, Rochdale and Whitefield – were quickly on the scene.

The fire involves approximately 30 vehicles within the yard and crews are working to extinguish the flames using breathing apparatus and two jets.

The smoke from the incident can be seen from some distance away and local people are requested to keep the windows and doors of their homes closed. Nearby residents are also asked to keep local roads clear of traffic to enable emergency service vehicles easy and swift access to the scene.”

Councillor, Danny Meredith who represents Balderstone and Kirkholt said on twitter that he “saw the smoke and flames from work today. Glad that no one has been injuries or even killed! Please stay safe, let the emergency services complete their work safely and keep your windows closed until the fire is under control”

(Lead Image Credit: Rob Macparran)

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