Andy Burnham pledges support to Shukri Abdi case

In his weekly Greater Manchester press conference, Mayor Andy Burnham pledged support to the re-opening of the Shukri Abdi case. He announced he has written to the Coroner giving support to the re-commencing of the case which is currenly on pause due to Coronavirus.

Labour Mayor Burnham does not want a new separate inquiry but a continuation of the current one and justice to be found for the Abdi family. The Mayor wants an investigation as great as possible order to obtain all the answers for Miss Abdi’s case.

“I fully appreciate the level of public concern about the tragic death of Shukri Abdi and am grateful to everyone who has shown an interest in this troubling case and support for Shukri’s family.

I can confirm that an independent inquiry into her death is already underway in the form of an Inquest overseen by the Coroner. If I were to set up a new separate inquiry at this point, it would jeopardise those ongoing legal proceedings and not help us establish the truth of what happened.

However, together with the Deputy Mayor, I have today written to the Coroner pledging our support for the process that is underway and for the widest possible investigation into what happened both on the day and in the months leading up to it, looking at the actions of all public bodies involved. We have asked the Coroner when the inquest will recommence, following the pause due to Covid-19, and have offered any assistance we might be able to give to ensure it is concluded as soon as possible. Once the Inquest has concluded, we will of course consider what further action may be needed on the back of it. We are committed to ensuring that the truth of what happened is clearly established in this case.”

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