Andy Burnham admits Dominic Cummings action has dented national morale in Coronavirus fight

Greater Manchester Mayor Andy Burnham labelled the Dominic Cummings crisis a ‘Westminster situation’ in his latest weekly press conference, however, he did claim the story of the Government advisor’s visit to Durham has become the biggest discussion of the nation, despite the current pandemic.

Burnham took up the role of fire extinguisher in the crisis calling it a ‘Westminster situation’, although he admitted the Cummings saga has dented the spirit of the national lockdown that was imposed in March.

‘I have not got involved in this story over the weekend because it is a Westminster situation. I’ve kept my focus on the issues in the real world and the things we need to do to get a grip on this situation.

The former MP for Leigh was adamant in his belief that the actions of Cummings have dented the nations moral as the political strategist and advisor was accused of going against his own lockdown restrictions he helped to create in taking the 260-mile journey.

‘I think the political story has had an effect on the real world in terms of weakening the Government’s public health message. There has also been a loss of focus on testing and contact tracing, which is still not in the right place and where there needs to be a greater focus on’.

‘It is not my business to say who said what to who. However, there is a real impact on our fight against this virus and that cannot continue. The Government should take a firm grip on it. If we carry on in a world with Westminster politicking then I think we are going to get ourselves in the wrong position. Action needs to be taken to restore public trust’.

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