Local Conservative MP’s raise concerns over Greater Manchester Lockdowns.

Following a press conference on Wednesday afternoon with Manchester mayor Andy Burnham, conservative MP’s have expressed their concerns over comments made by the mayor in relation to the easing of local lockdowns.

Local conservatives have signed a letter to Matt Hancock in relation to this. Within which they stated Andy Burnham’s approach to the lockdown as ‘dangerous’, as they believe a ‘one size fits all’ approach to Greater Manchester is not appropriate.

This comes after Andy Burnham stated it was ‘impossible’ to lift lockdown in specified areas of the county, as the only way to deal with the COVID-19 outbreak is to contain it fully.

The MP’s have suggested a town by town or borough by borough approach to running the lockdowns, rather than the current procedure which affects the whole county. This way unaffected areas can return to normality.

The Letter has been signed by both Bury Members of Parliament; Christian Wakeford and James Daly. In addition to this Heywood and Middleton MP Chris Clarkson has signed.

Andy Burnham commented:

“I’ve seen it all now. A group of Tory MPs write to a Tory Health Secretary trying to blame me for a decision which their own Tory Government made. So self-serving to politicise a serious public health issue like this. Not sure it merits a response but I will send one later.”

The letter is left in full below.

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