Former Bury School Deputy Head hits the airwaves with pioneering podcast

Vicki Maguire recently stepped out of the classroom after many years educating the regions brightest minds.

Now the former high school teacher has swapped GCSE textbooks for pupils to mindset coaching for adults as she sets off in promoting her newest podcast “We Lead Well”.

The aim is simple- create a new mode of thinking for teachers using wellbeing and kindness as the keys to success. By speaking with head teachers and senior leaders on how they are able to get the best out of their staff through her newest challenge is how she aims to achieve the best results.

“The podcast is mainly for senior leaders and teachers in schools. Hopefully for head teachers and how they can improve their own wellbeing within schools. I’ve been trying to do this for a while now and what a podcast should focus on. I’m passionate on well-being in schools and keen on teaching how wellbeing can improve their work life balance”.

With the mental health crisis set to spike to higher levels due to the current health crisis, Vicki sights staff wellbeing as the secret to a winning formula within schools with the hope a happy classroom will filter down to students. Being able to talk about mental illness is seen as the starting block for this.

“I think people expect children to be happy. There will be times when people get down and are not happy. Students will feel different emotions, but there is a difference between feeling normal emotions and when there is a larger problem such as depression. That is why it is so important to use PSHE lessons to teach these key differences. In knowing your emotions children can be more supportive to each other and so can staff as well. This can create a happier environment.

At the end of the day we control our own emotions. Being able to identify our own emotions is so important within all of this. Having a conservation with ourselves on how we can deal with a problem is so important”.

Having spent time working within many school roles, Maguire knows all about how teachers can influence young minds and how essential they are within education.

“The work I am doing is about coaching. This is a great way for staff to support each other and so that they are listened to. It is all about staff supporting each other, creating a community environment, for senior leadership teams to invest time in teachers, asking about their progress and most importantly so teachers feel they are valued.

It is important to focus on wellbeing and get the message out, there is a different way we can do things within schools. Speaking with head teachers has shown we can do things in a different way, whilst at the same time, having happy staff and achieving great results for the children”.

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