Bury could face Oldham style local lockdown restrictions

Bury faces stricter lockdown restricions to a similar level of nearby Oldham and Rochdale, Councillor Andrea Simpson has warned.

The coronavirus infection rate has increased consiberably since Matt Hancock enforced stricter lockdown regulations a month ago this Friday. During the peak of the crisis, Bury’s case and death rate was considerably lower than any other region.

Mayor Andy Burnham discussed Bury during his weekly press conference. The region has seen a rise in the infection rate every week.

‘I have spoken to the leader of Bury Council (regarding this issue). There is not a singe problem in the Borough and there are issues in different parts of Bury. He was insistant the measures will last in Bury and unlike regions, the measures will last”.

Burnham called on the younger generation to not gather in larger groups and protect the older generation who are at most vulnerbale to the disease.

Those between the ages of 18 and 39 account for more than half of the new cases in Bury, and the percentage of positive tests has also increased.

Cllr Simpson gave a stronger declarative response to that of Mr Burnham:

“This is the sixth weekly rise in a row in Bury, and we are now firmly in the Government’s sights.

Unless this infection rate comes down immediately, we may be placed into the sort of extra measures that Oldham and Blackburn were, and possibly more.

Too many people are not wearing masks in shops, are still meeting up in large groups from several households, and not keeping two metres apart.

A few then catch the virus, and bring it home to spread among their families.

It has to stop, and now. We simply must take responsibility for our own actions. I urge everyone – residents, families and businesses – to obey the law and follow the guidance, or we will be put into lockdown.”

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