Andy Burnham is after a change of approach to lockdown rules

Mayor Andy Burnham is looking to seek a fresh approach to lockdown rules, wishing for a specific strategy to ensure positive cases remain low, rather than the current blanket Government restrictions that are being imposed currently.

Bolton has already seen all their pub and restaurants shut due to rising infection rates, despite the Government pushing the pubic to ‘eat out to help out’ only last month.

Hospital admissions for Covid have not risen in the past week as opposed to the previous one, yet no data was given. The positive rate for the virus has risen in all 10 GM boroughs once again in the past week,  including Bury (now at 84.8 from 62.8) and Rochdale (83.6 from 68.3)

However despite the threat of further lockdown to Greater Manchester, former Health Secratary Andy Burnham revealed a far more specific form of restriction will be far more useful than the current Government strategy.

‘We believe a far more specific strategy will deliver far more effective resuts than basic lockdown restricions that will possibly frustrate the public and damage the economy. What we want to deliver is a programme with further restrictions and a programme with far more effective action that will get a grip on this virus and take things in the right direction.

We want to avoid a second lockdown and a blanket closure of all licensed premesis. We are giving GMP power to close down premesis that may be causing a problem though. What we have put down on the table is a challenging one, but what we want to show is that we are in the business of doing”.

Mr Burnham also stressed that the current policy of keeping schools open is the correct one, despite many partial closures in Greater Manchester since the start of the new term. Although due to the current problems within the test and trace system, the situation is forver changing.

‘At this point in time it is best to keep schools open, if it is sustainable to do so. There are more schools reporting problems, this is going to be one to keep under review. There are errors in the national test and trace system and this is something that needs fixing. Ask me next week and I might get a different answer to the one on schools. It was never going to be plain sailing”.

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