Bury named in the top ten cleanest towns in the country

HolidayCottages.co.uk have compiled a report on the cleanest towns across the UK, and Bury made it to the top ten in seventh place.

The Clean Britain Report is based on a number of factors to determine the best and worst-performing towns. The rankings are defined by:

• tonnage of recyclable waste received at local collection centres
• air quality measured in units, which includes emissions from vehicle exhausts, burns, industry and agriculture
• water quality, measured on how potable and safe from contamination it is from outside sources per number of bodies of water in the borough
• the number of social media posts published containing relevant keywords like climate change, eco-friendly, sustainability, green, and more

As a break down for the table above;

  • Cleanliness – Bury came 7th
  • Recycling and composting – Bury came 8th
  • Water Quality – Bury came 4th
  • Clean Britain Advocates – Bury came 9th

Well done to everyone that is environmentally friendly in Bury! Let’s keep up the good work!

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